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My voice over career really began when I had kids. They would bring me books to read and I began doing character voices for every story. Quickly I became the only person that could "read the story right."  At least that's what my kids use to tell anyone who read a story without doing special voices. 

Years later, I began to think about trying my hand at voice over. On my very first audition, I booked a job as the voice over artist for an escape room. I warned escape room enthusiasts to hurry before the bomb was detonated as well as many other phrases for their adventure. Since then I have down countless jobs for people all over the world. My voice has led to me to jobs for IVR, commercials, short films, social media videos, social media ads, radio ads, narration, and many other various projects. 

Being the perfectionist that I am, I wasn't completely satisfied with just doing the voice and not knowing how to edit it properly or how to sound proof my studio. Therefore, my next step was to enroll back into college for Audio Engineering. After having Audio Engineering 1 and 2 along with a large list of many other classes, I knew exactly what I needed to do to make sure my studio was sound proof, my audio files were clean, and my customers were completely satisfied from the voice work to the sound quality. I can say I successfully completed the program with straight A's, on the dean's list, invitations to the Honor's Program on campus and came away with tremendous knowledge! 

I am always striving to continue to learn more and do more in voice over. It's exciting to receive scripts and be a part of the creative process for people across the world! 


And many other happy clients...


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